Netflix and Formula One produced their documentary series "Drive to Survive" from 2018 onwards, and the already biggest motorsport spectacle dramatically gained popularity globally. Race attendance is rising accordingly, and the Grand Prix destinations are experiencing an uplift in visitor numbers like never before.

The 2023 season will feature 23 races between March and November - and we have compiled a guide that includes the best hotels, restaurants and entertainment establishments.

F1 drivers' favourite restaurants, bars and hotels are part of the guide - from their regulars to insider tips.

Look no further if you want to know where to stay, eat and party at the Formula One races.

Since we started the GR1D CLUB™ in 2013 we aimed to become the best post-race party in the Formula One circus: The GR1D CLUB™ is the matchless „Grand Prix After Party Series” taking place at supreme venues to celebrate the closing of selected Formula One® weekends.

Ever since its foundation, the GR1D CLUB™ has been the go-to destination for Formula 1® and party lovers, longing to celebrate in force, on the Sunday night following a list of the most glamorous and fashionable Formula 1® Grand Prix with the likes of Barcelona, Monaco, Budapest, Monza, Sochi, Austin, Mexico City and São Paulo, alongside international and local celebrities from the worlds of fashion, cinema, music, and sport and, last but not least, past and present Formula 1® heroes.

Because of our steady search for the best venues at the different destinations around the racing calendar, we have always been asked by friends - and friends of friends - to give recommendations for restaurants, hotels and entertainment establishments. This is when we decided to release a curated guide presenting our favorite places, and the most frequented places of F1 drivers and key personnel.